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About Carl A. Russo

Carl A. Russo, founder, Mack Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Founder of Mack Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

The founder of three successful vacuum technology companies brings his years of experience and team building to Mack Vacuum Technologies, Inc. Carl was responsible for early state-of-the-art advances in vacuum technology and leak detection. The inventor of the “Russo Gauge” and many other original concepts in leak detection and high vacuum technology.

Some include the first explosion-proof chamber (patent applied) for helium testing of pyrotechnic devices used in early automobile airbags. The first Membrane helium sniffing devices in conjunction with GE materials division, later manufactured under the brand name “Quicktest” (Leybold Vacuum). Designed the first helium leak detectors to test aluminum wheels and fuel tanks for GM and Chrysler bringing large scale advances to an industry still using water bubbles to find leaks.

While other brand helium leak detectors used vacuum tubes, the Spectrum 911 was state-of-the-art using direct drive mechanical pumps. The first entirely solid state electronics which included the entire electrometer inside the spectrometer tube and four easy plug-in disposable potted modules.

The system was first to employ an innovative quick clamp flange design. While others struggled with bolted flanges, the Spectrum 911 offered users easy assembly of the entire system in just 10 minutes. This time saving advance was long before the common use in helium leak detectors or vacuum applications of what is now known as the KF or NW fitting.

Today we assemble a new Innovative team to serve you the customer with the best products and services. We are Mack Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

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