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MKV-19 is an excellent general purpose, vacuum distilled, hydrocarbon fluid for direct drive vacuum pumps. Because of their high rotationial speed, direct drive vane pumps require a higher thermal stability than straight refinery fluids.

Part Number: MKV-190004, 1 gal. $33.10
Part Number: MKV-190020, 5 gal. $148.95
Part Number: MKV-190220, 55 gal. $1,265.00 MKV-21

MKV-21 is double distilled and offers a combination of lower vapor pressure and greater resistance to oxidation. Double distillation lowers vapor pressure by removing light end oil fractions that can cause backstreaming. This quality makes MKV-21 ideal for direct drive pumps used in backing diffusion or turbomolecularpumps.

Part Number: MKV-210004, 1 gal. 37.12
Part Number: MKV-210020, 5 gal. $152.50
Part Number: MKV-210220, 55 gal. $1335.00

MKV-43 is a low vapor pressure, non-additive, fractionated hydrocarbon fluid specially formulated for belt driven pumps. MKV-43 is resistant to oxidation, and is thermally stable with low chemical reactivity.

Product Number: MKV-430004, 1 gal. $ 27.50
Product Number: MKV-430020, 5 gal. $ 135.00
Product Number: MKV-430220, 55 gal. $ 1085.00

MKV-77 is a general purpose high-viscosity hydrocarbon fluid equivalent to Stokes V-Lube B, F and Kinney KV-100.

Product Number: MKV-770004,1 gal. $29.50
Product Number: MKV-770020, 5 gal. $135.00
Product Number: MKV-770220, 55 gal. $1120.00

This uniques flushing fluid combines low vapor pressure with cutting actions to remove varnishes and gums buildup from vacuum pump components. Hydrocarmon oil is blended with a low vapor pressure solvent. Plus MKV-FF may be run overnight to rid pumps of stubborn contaminants as required.

Product Number: MKV-FF0004, 1 gal. $24.00
Product Number: MKV-FF0020, 5 gal. 105.00

MKV-530 is a 100% hydrocarbon, additive-free oil, designed for use in large rotary vane, piston and lobe type vacuum pumps. The high viscosity and low pour point of this oil ensures ease of handling in extreme temperatures.

MKV-5300004, 1 gal. $33.00
MKV-5300020, 5 gal. $152.00

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