Adapters,Vacuum KF (QF),NPT,VCR,ISO,CF

Adapters,Vacuum KF (QF), NPT, VCR, ISO, CF allow for the adaptation of one KF (QF) style flange to another type of fitting thus coupling the two together with a vacuum tight seal using a gasket made of an elastomer or copper to seal.

KF (QF) Flange to Male NPT
KF (QF) Flange to Female NPT adapters,vacuum
KF (QF) Female NPT Adapter Tee
KF (QF) Flange to Male VCR
KF(QF)Flange to Female VCR
Vacuum Flange to Flange Adapter,KF (QF) CF, ISO

Parts are helium leak tested to 1 x10-10 cc/sec for quality assurance.

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