Manual Ball Valve and Pneumatic Ball Valve

Ball valves are known for their simple design, durability and ability to achieve a leak free shutoff in the vacuum applications.

These valves consist of a ball in the central part, which controls the flow through the valve. The ball has a port in the middle, allowing flow to occur when the port aligns with both ends of the valve. On the other hand, when the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the ends, effectively blocking the flow. The position of the handle or lever position indicates the valve’s status, making it easy to determine if the valve is fully open.

Ball valves belong to the family of quarter turn valves and are widely used in various industrial applications, including isolating traps, scrubbers, gauges, vacuum roughing lines, and food processing lines. The simplicity and robustness of ball valves make them highly reliable in “contaminated” vacuum applications. Common applications isolating traps and scrubbers downstream from the chamber or vacuum pump in process equipment.

Additionally, ball valves are used for isolating gauges, vacuum roughing lines, and food processing lines, among other numerous industrial applications. Their versatility and effectiveness in achieving a complete shutoff make them a popular low cost choice in the vacuum related applications.

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