KF (QF) Flange to Hose Barb Adapters, Vacuum

Parts are helium leak tested to 1 x10-10 cc/sec for quality assurance.

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Adapter Hose Barb, KF16 Flange to13mm, 304 SSMKKF16HB13ADP$12.26

In stock

Adapter Hose Barb, KF25 Flange to 10mm, 304 SSMKKF25HB10ADP$12.26

Out of stock

Adapter Hose Barb, KF25 Flange to 25mm, 304 SSMKKF25HB25ADP$13.29

In stock

Adapter Hose Barb, KF40 Flange to 40mm, Height 50 mm,304 SSMKKF40HB40ADP$29.00

In stock